Online backup, also referred to as remote backup, is the process of backing up data
to a computer in a separate physical location over the internet. Files, folders or
the complete content of a hard drive is regularly backed up at scheduled intervals.

The principle of online backup is simple – the risk of loosing data due to file
corruption, theft, floods, fire or other disaster can be negated.

Online Backup Software

Subscribing to our online backup service means your data is encrypted and securely
stored at the data centres of our sister company – Sheridan Internet.

The backup client software used by Sheridan Internet is BackupAssist. BackupAssist
is flexible and easy to use. A number of the most popular online backup clients was
reviewed before choosing BackupAssist as our online backup software of choice.

BackupAssist performs scheduled backups of Windows Servers, and supports both local
and remote backup methods. Support for open files is included, with options to send
email status reports post backup.

What Next?

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