Sheridan Computers Limited – Celebrating 12 Years in Business

Sheridan Computers Limited – Celebrating 12 Years in Business

Sheridan Computers Limited was founded in 2002 and since then the business has continued to grow and develop innovative products and services based around the same core business that we focused on right at the beginning.

Celebrating 12 years in business as we move in to 2014, Sheridan Computers Limited has built up a solid track record of delivering successful managed IT support services to our diverse range of clients throughout the world. Thanks to our employees, clients and contractors, Sheridan Computers has had an amazing and successful 12 years.

We plan to continue our growth and excellence in to 2014 and beyond!


A message from the MD:

It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago I started a small computer business from home in Bolton. From those early days our range of services has steadily grown and we are now truly becoming a full service IT and Telecommunications Consultancy Company.

Sheridan Computers is the IT and communications consultant to the recruitment and payroll industries. Our values of responsiveness, trust, innovation, teamwork, quality, and our belief in establishing solid relationships with our clients, suppliers and our contractors truly make a difference in the way we do business; enabling us to reach this major milestone.

More than anything, I would like to thank our clients, we are able to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our company thanks to the continued support and encouragement of our clients and business partners. Our clients have been, in no small way, instrumental to Sheridan’s success. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you.

On behalf of Sheridan Computers, I wish to express my deep gratitude and appreciate your continuing loyalties. It means a lot to our company. We’ve accomplished a lot in 12 years, but we’re not nearly done and looking forward to another 12 years.

Sam Sheridan
Managing Director, Sheridan Computers Limited

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