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How can you be sure that your IT Support company is delivering results? Are you sure they’re monitoring performance levels and their commitment to your Service Level Agreements? Do you receive reports at the end of each month to track incidents and make sure they don’t happen again?

The Vision – Service Request Tracking

In 2009 I started to address this issue by embarking on development of our own helpdesk software. After carefil consideration of existing help desk and ticket support systems available, I failed to reach an appreciation for a product that did exactly what I wanted. Sure there are many ticket systems available, but they were designed for companies with their own helpdesk, for companies to manage their own IT assets and service tracking.

What I needed was not just a helpdesk system, I required a system that allow us to:

  • Raise new IT support incident requests, or service requests.
  • Keep track of our clients
  • Keep track of our clients assets and their locations
  • Report complete fault, incident and service requests on an individual asset basis
  • Produce periodic reports, such as monthly reports detailing incidents over the month
  • Produce asset reports, such as number of each type of asset (printer/laptop/workstation/switch) owned by our clients
  • Handle software licensing and compliance

With the above requirements in mind, I started design and development of our shiny new support tracking system.

The Reality – Support Suite

March, 2013. Almost four years of development and many many re-writes, Support Suite is now at the stage enabling us to initially log our support requests, and more importanly, to keep track of them. With most of the features now implemented, the vision is now a reality allowing Sheridan Computers to be run as intended in my initial vision.

In hindsight may be the project was a little ambitious and took a lot longer in development than initially planned. However I am more than happy with the software as it stands, and the learning curves and skills gathered and improved upon during the development stage of our support system.

The late nights banging my head on the keyboard re-writing code to gain a few seconds performance, trying to get my head around problems, or merely re-writing parts because I found better ways to do it certainly paid off. I found a lot of tools and resources including JetBrains PhpStorm, and an apprection for the Zend Framework, Smarty and a lot of other tools and technologies such as JQuery and LESS.

A new found appreciation for these tools meana additional armaments for our Internet Marketing and Website Development company Sheridan Internet.

The crucial role this new software plays in our company couldn’t be appreciated enough, while development is certainly not over, I can however now sleep at night. I am pretty sure my partner, and my kids appreciate the close of an era; I am certainly constantly reminded on the number of nappies I missed changing.

Sam Sheridan, Director
Sheridan Computers Limited

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