Asterisk VoIP Telephone System Install

Sheridan Computers are proud to have completed yet another installation of our Asterisk based PBX system hosted on a Soekris embedded PC for our client Minstrell Recruitment Facilities Management based in London Bridge, London.

The solution provides a VoIP based telephone system whereby calls are placed via there existing Internet connection and no additional telephone lines are required.

This solution also allows for free telephone calls between their London office and their North West based office in Manchester (where we installed a similar system last year).

This marks our 5th installation of our VoIP based PBX solutions; features include:
– Multiple income calls with call queues
– Queue position announcements
– Queue hold time reports
– Custom Music On Hold (moh)
– IVR interactive voice attendants
– Voicemail
– Voicemail to email
– Call parking with music on hold
– Call conferencing
– Call detail reports
– Night service
– Follow me
– Plus many more features

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