Many people find themselves in the situation where they have dropped their laptop, placed heavy objects on it or in some other way managed to damage the screen on their laptop. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to replace the screen on your own and seek advice from a reputable laptop repair company; attempting to replace your laptop screen could cause unrecoverable damage to your laptop, and remember laptops contain microchips – proper anti-static procedures should be followed.

Sheridan Computers have been repairing and replacing laptop screens for a long time, our engineers have dealt with many makes, models and types. We have access to the manufacturers service manuals as well as having the correct working environment and tools for the job, all possible anti-static precautions are taken.

How long will it take to replace or repair a laptop screen?

Your laptop may be dropped off at our computer repair center in Manchester, or we can arrange to have your laptop collected; we aim to have your laptop screen replaced or repaired within 5 working days.

How much will it cost to replace or repair a laptop screen?

In order to determine the exact fault with your laptop screen and provide an accurate price for the repair or replacement we will need to strip down the laptop for physical inspection. Screen fitting costs £30.00 and most screens cost between £50 and £80, although some high end screens are a little more expensive.

Laptop Repair Prices



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