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Support Suite help desk software is how we manage our day-to-day handling of incoming support requests. Support Suite has been completely written in-house to provide us with the best possible solution of looking after our clients’ assets and IT support requests.

Support Suite is now in it’s third year of it’s development cycle. The goal here was certainly not to re-invent the wheel, but after looking at help desk solutions already available on the market, there wasn’t anything readily available which worked how we wanted it. Most help desk systems are aimed at individual companies who employ their own help desk team, we needed a solution that would allow us to create an asset, assign it to a person, a site, and a client. We needed to be able to see all outstanding calls at a glance, and be able to fetch a complete service history of each asset – much like the service history you get with a new car.

The screenshot below shows our initial process of handling an incoming support request.

Our team creating a new service or incident request


Support Suite allows us to create a client, and in-turn create a request user, a site, and an asset.

For contract clients, an engineer will attend site and retrieve a complete list of all IT hardware, descriptions, serial numbers and any other related information we may required. This information is then entered in to our database system.


Once we have all the information we require we can then start accepting support requests from your employees. A major benefit of this system and how we have developed it over the years, is that by visiting our asset register we are able to see a complete history of each device, along with any incidents and requests. This can be particularly useful for analysing trends in hardware failures over time.

Support Suite’s outstanding call summary

The beauty of utilising such a system for handling call requests, is that at all times we are able to see a complete overview of all outstanding service requests – nothing is forgotten about, ever.


The above screenshot shows all currently active calls, anything overdue is highlighted and will be chased by your account manager if left unresolved for any period of time, or if the request goes outside your SLA.

Periodic Incident Reports

An extremely useful facility of our helpdesk software is to be able to produce periodic reports, we can provide a complete incident report for any period of time you require.




In closing, our support desk software is what drives us. The fact our solution is completely written in-house by our own programmers, and in conjunction with our own IT support engineers – the solution is one unrivalled in our industry.

At all stages of the service request or incidents life, the client is kept informed of every update via automatic emails. We also have the ability to add a site manager which will receive updates of all requests and responses.


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