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Sheridan Computers have been in the business of computer repair for nearly 10 years, even our directors are still very much hands on. We take pride in our work and give 100% performance for each and every job we undertake. Ensuring the customer feels confident in our services and abilities, and that they’re comfortable in the knowledge their computer systems and their data are in safe hands.

As well as being highly trained in computer repair, Our engineers have the knowledge, experience, and resources at hand as result of a long history in the industry. Our computer engineers are able to repair all types, makes and models of computer systems.

Sheridan Computers provide similar services provided in-house by large corporate enterprises – quickly, effectively and cost effectively. Our engineers deal with System crashes, blue screens, virus issues, software problems, networking issues, hardware problems and peripherals (printers, scanners etc)
every day.

Common Computer Repair Issues:

  • Hardware problems (computer not powering up)
  • Internet connection problems
  • System Cleanup
  • System crashes
  • System recovery/reinstall
  • Software / hardware compatiblity problems
  • Virus / spyware removal
  • Windows not starting

Sheridan’s can diagnose computer faults and repair most common issues remotely, should the case arise whereby resolution is not possible via remote IT support then an engineer can be dispatched.

Good Practices

While it is true there are no moving parts within your system, good computer maintenance practices will certainly ensure spending less time in computer repair shops as well as saving money in the long run.

There are a few maintenance procedures which can be carried yourself, and you do not need to be a computer repair technician to do so. Such as removing unwanted programs from your system and erasing any files which are no longer required. For example moving downloaded files which are no longer required on your system to CD/DVD or pen drives and empty the recycle bin now and again. Scheduling hard drive defrag and performing regular disk checks, making sure windows updates
are scheduled and anti-virus software updates regularly. All these procedures will help ensure your computer is running in good condition; reducing the need to visit your local computer repair shop.

Adopting good maintenance behaviour similar to what we just discussed is all good. It’s highly recommended to have some kind of maintenance contract
in place, whereby every three or four months your computer systems are stripped down and cleaned from dust, etc. The build up of dust blocks air vents and fans and can cause systems to over heat, to the point where components cannot be repaired and require replacing.

To book in for our computer repair service, or if you would like a FREE health check then please telephone our support on 0161 871 6820.

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