Why Business IT Support from Sheridan Computers?

Sheridan Computers have been in the Business IT Support industry for many years and have looked after all types of business modals, from businesses run from home to larger companies with four or five hundred staff; including Schools, recruitment agencies, finance and payroll services, construction companies and entertainment companies.

We understand that no matter the size of the business, time is money, and more importantly downtime can be very costly; to some of the companies we deal with, efficient and reliable business IT support is critical their business modal, where the cost implications for even a few hours downtime can run into thousands of pounds.

Hardware and Software Business IT Support

Throughout the last ten years Sheridan Computers has secured some major hardware and software service contracts. As a leading Business IT Support supplier we are able to deliver cost effective and comprehensive solutions.

Hardware Support

Sheridan staff provide computer repair and computer maintenance support services for an extensive range of computer equipment from laptops, desktops, and workstations to high-end servers and storage systems. We partner with our clients to deliver cost-effective Business IT Support and solutions that meet your specific needs and specific business requirements.

We support hardware types of all vendors including:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Sun

Software Support

To complement our hardware support services, we also offer a wide range of software business support solutions. There are simply too many commercial packages support to provide a by any means detailed list, here are but a few:

  • Apple OS/X
  • BSD UNIX Variants (FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD)
  • Linux (Solaris, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu)
  • Microsoft Exchange (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server family (all versions)
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server family (all versions)
  • VMWare ESC and Xen virtualisation products

Sheridan Computers are Partnered with Microsoft and recognised as by FreeBSD as a commercial vendor.

Internet Technology

With Sheridan’s Business IT Support also comes piece of mind with our comprehensive knowledge of internet applications, services and technology including:

  • DNS (Bind, djbBdns)
  • HTTP (Apache, Lighttpd, Microsoft IIS)
  • Firewalls (pf, ipfw, ipchains)
  • IMAP (Courier Imapd)
  • Intrusion detection (Tripwire, Snort and ACID)
  • SMTP (Sendmail, Postfix, Microsoft Exchange)
  • POP3 (Dovecot)

Sheridan’s is also a Registered Member of Nominet, the UK domain name registry; in addition we are also partnered with OpenSRS domain registry for US domain registrations.

Site Connectivity

A common business infrastructure of the clients we deal with on a daily basis include companies with many staff in one location through to companies with staff in multiple locations around the country with remote workers.

When a company expands to multiple locations and require a connectivity solution they usually just want something that works and doesn’t cost much. Setting up a VPN between two sites is one thing; there are however a lot more factors to take in to account.

  • Costs involved
  • Security risks
  • Layer-3 (any-to-any) connections
  • End-to-end quality of service (QoS)
  • Routing control
  • Managed services such as firewalled internet access and voice services

Sheridan staff are able to offer Business IT Support and consultancy for all connectivity scenarios, identifying the most cost effective, reliable and secure practices with over 18 years experience in the IT and communications industries.

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